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COVID-19 has changed our world as we know it. Coronavirus has become the subject of endless news stories, social media posts, and daily conversations. As many businesses are trying to survive, a growing number of businesses have looked to their insurers to provide coverage to protect them from losses related to having to close their doors. However, more often than not, these business owners are being told by their insurers that their claims are denied. Some insurance carriers have even preemptively notified business owners that there is no coverage for COVID-19 claims to influence and dissuade them from filing claims at all. Ultimately, these delays and denials will lead to civil litigation by business owners against their insurance companies. The Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi Pearlman firm, and their nationally recognized attorneys, are uniquely qualified to pursue your business interruption claim, and can show you how to successfully enforce policies and help you negotiate coverage claims. You are entitled to the coverage you paid for and expected.



Type Of Personal Injury Case

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Here are some types of insurance you may be eligible to make a claim for:


  • All Risk Policies– is insurance coverage for all risks, perils, and losses unless they are specifically omitted. Arguably, this should also cover the threat of loss.


  • Business Interruption Insurance– is an additional premium collected under commercial “all risk” policies intended to compensate you for lost income after a disaster.


  • Civil Authority Coverage Clause– is an additional premium collected for when a civil authority prohibits access to your property. Usually contains a property damage requirement pertaining to nearby or adjacent property. There is an argument to be made about whether the presence or the threat of contamination might constitute some nature of property damage that could trigger the civil authority coverage.


  • Contingent Property Insurance or Dependent Property– this is also known as Supply Chain coverage, which is triggered off the requirement of physical damage to property somewhere in the supply chain.


  • Infectious Disease Coverage– We are in an unprecedented time with COVID-19, and we believe that insurance companies should cover business losses due to the coronavirus’ impact under infectious disease coverage. It is unknown whether the presence of the virus or threat of contamination is sufficient to trigger this coverage, however, we believe business owners should challenge their insurance company’s denial of this coverage. We also believe any ambiguities in a policy should be resolved in favor of the business owner because they do not write the policies or get to negotiate the language.

It is possible that the gap in coverage may be addressed at the state levels. In New York State, Assembly Bill A10226B/Senate Bill S8211A are being considered and will require insurance companies to cover certain perils under business interruption insurance during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

What You Can Do


  • Take steps to mitigate the losses: If you can stay partially open, do what you can to reassure your customers of their safety on your premises. Also, if your business is dependent on someone else’s products and they are not available, find alternative suppliers


  • Review all of your policies: Make sure you have complete copies of all of your insurance policies and review them not only to familiarize yourself with the coverage you have but also to make sure that policies are correct. It is best to request a certified copy of your policy from your insurance agent and ask it to be reviewed by an attorney.


  • Document your losses: Keep detailed records of what you believe your losses are that are specific to the COVID-19 pandemic, so that you can make and support an insurance claim.


  • Gather the relevant financial documentation to support your claim: This will included historical and current financial statements, federal and state tax returns, monthly profit and loss statements, budgets, and forecasts done before and after the closure or partial closure, payroll reports, inventory reports, documents related to extra expenses, such as temporary facilities, additional payroll, advertising, etc.

The Unprecedented Response to Coronavirus

In an effort to control the spread of Coronavirus, government officials have mandated unprecedented restrictions throughout the country. Many cities across the United States are on lockdown or shelter in place orders. For Coronavirus in New York, many schools and universities have shut down, all non-essential businesses have closed their doors, restaurants are forced to close dine-in rooms, and the majority of the population must work from home and practice social distancing. This quarantine period is to prevent interaction to keep the virus from spreading from someone who may not realize they have COVID-19 to someone at high risk of health complications should they catch the virus.

Why Choose Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi Pearlman As Your COVID-19 Business Interruption Attorneys?

The economic losses to businesses from the toll of COVID-19 is increasing every day. As nationally recognized attorneys, we have experience in all aspects of civil litigation. If you have suffered business losses, and your insurance company has denied or threatened to deny your business interruption claim, due to Coronavirus related losses, our law firm has the knowledge to help you through your claim. We have been serving the Central New York areas for over 60 years. During this uncertain time, you should not have to worry about your family’s livelihood and your businesses ability to survive this crisis. Contact The People’s Lawyer for free legal advice. As a civil litigation firm, we can help you navigate through your insurance claim and get you the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Denied Insurance Coverage for COVID-19 Shutdown?

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