Our History

Louis T. Brindisi is the founding partner of the firm now known as Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi Pearlman. He began his law practice in 1960, and established a name for himself as a criminal trial lawyer. As his career progressed, he decided to limit his practice to cases involving serious personal injury, including…wrongful death, construction accidents, product liability, premises liability, and medical malpractice.

Throughout his career, Louis Brindisi became the lawyer that “One L’s” or first-year law students studied because several of his cases became landmark cases that made their way to law school books. His cases have also been included in product liability books and verdict resources, used by other attorneys, often influencing other young lawyers, including his own children, to fight for the betterment of their client’s lives.

Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi Pearlman is a family-oriented law firm. Louis’ daughter, Eva Brindisi Pearlman is a partner in the firm, as well as Louis’ cousin, Anthony Murad.  With a number of multi-million and million-dollar cases under their belt, you can rest assured that when you hire the lawyers at Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi Pearlman they will work hard for you and treat you as if you were family.

The lawyers at Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi Pearlman understand that life after an injury is challenging day in and day out. They understand that the kind of careless behavior that causes accidents and injury does more than injure bodies … it injures lives, sometimes irreparably.  Dealing with life after a serious and catastrophic injury often includes paralysis, chronic pain, loss of mobility and functioning, mental and cognitive deficiencies, job loss, and depression. Serious injuries can drain all of a person’s financial assets if one is not properly represented.

In the event of serious injury resulting from any type of accident, you want to make certain you retain the services of a law firm that has your best and long term interests in mind. The lawyers at Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi Pearlman work hard to present damage claims for their clients that include an analysis of their future life care medical needs and costs so they are able to enjoy life without worrying about how to pay for future medical care and attention and can maintain the best quality of life possible after an injury.

Mr. Brindisi has been quoted as saying, “most cases, we find, are won before we even enter the courtroom through extensive discovery and strategic planning for the client’s future needs by presenting a comprehensive life care plan.” Working hard and protecting their clients rights is how Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi Pearlman became known as “The People’s Lawyer”.

Today the nationally recognized attorneys at Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi Pearlman are experienced in all aspects of serious personal injury litigation. They know first hand how devastating it can be to have been seriously injured or to have had the misfortune of losing a loved one. With a total of over 100 combined years of experience in personal injury law, they will fight hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

When you need a lifeline, call The People’s Lawyer, call Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi Pearlman today at (315) 733-2396 or (800) 8LTB-LAW for a free consultation. See what makes us different than the others in the area.  View what makes us different than the others in the area.


Good Lawyers Changing Lives In Our Community


Our law firm is located on Genesee Street in Utica, New York and we have been proudly representing the people of Utica for more than 60 years. We love all that our city has to offer and grew up here. The BMBP lawyers take deep pride in being the top personal injury law firm in Utica, New York. We believe a good lawyer will fight. They will stand by you and protect your rights. A good lawyer changes lives. The lawyers at Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi Pearlman are good lawyers changing lives in our community. That’s why we support various events and are proud contributers to numerous charities in the Utica area.

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The Principles We Work By

At Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi Pearlman we put an emphasis on providing each and every client that walks through our doors an extremely high level of service. These are the principles that we work by…


  • Every call to Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi Pearlman will be responded to promptly from our office.
  • You will always meet with an attorney…not just a paralegal.
  • If you decide to put Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi Pearlman to work for you, your interests always come first.
  • We believe in transparency. Our clients are involved in each step of the process from start until the case is resolved. We believe that you deserve to know where you case stands and will continuously update you on all progress.
  • Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi Pearlman is the perfect size to serve our Central New York community. Small enough that your case will receive careful personalized attention, but large enough with a long history of experience to make sure you get all the compensation that you deserve.
  • You call the shots. If you are dissatisfied or feel that the settlement is not fair than we will reject it and continue to fight on your behalf to win what you deserve for your case.

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When an accident happens, real experience matters.


All-Inclusive Personal Injury Representation – And We Deliver

Personal injury law is what we do. And at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is helping our clients. With more than 60 years of experience, the personal injury lawyers at Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi Pearlman in Upstate New York are focused solely on fighting for the rights of injured people. Our personal injury law firm prepares every case that walks through our door as if we were going to trial. This is why our accident lawyers are the “go-to” lawyers here in Central New York. Our Utica-based team of personal injury lawyers are not afraid to stand toe-to-toe with the big insurance companies in the name of fighting for justice. People know that If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, construction accident, injured by medical malpractice or defective product, or are dealing with the terrible grief of losing someone to wrongful death, we will fight tirelessly to help you get the compensation you deserve. No matter your situation, The People’s Lawyer guides our clients through the personal injury claims process helping each achieve the best possible outcome.  We do whatever it takes to protect our innocent clients and to hold the people breaking the law accountable, getting them the compensation they deserve.

If you have been injured in a personal injury accident, the experienced personal injury lawyers at Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi Pearlman provide representation to all of Central and Upstate New York, including the following areas Utica, Rome, Herkimer, Syracuse, Watertown, and Binghamton.

When you need a lifeline, call The People’s Lawyer, call Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi Pearlman at 315-733-2396 or 1-800-8LTB-LAW.

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“They were very helpful. I had never been through a personal injury claim before and Eva Pearlman had so much patience with me!”
John Y.

Utica, NY

“Mr. Brindisi and his staff were very accommodating, professional and thorough.”
Anthony R.

Oneida, NY

“I was very happy with the outcome of my case. Tony Murad is a great lawyer and I would recommend him to anyone!”

Utica, NY

We stand up for innocent people when they have been injured by a careless individual’s actions. We have over 60 years of experience representing the people of New York State. The partners at Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi Pearlman know that you are counting on us to help navigate the waters of an unfortunate incident. And we take that responsibility seriously. We fight hard to get you every dollar you deserve to make sure your medical bills are paid, to recover your lost wages and get you compensated for your pain and suffering.




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