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For many Central New Yorkers, once the ground is covered in snow, we begin to hear snowmobilers enjoying the freshly fallen powder. While snowmobiling can be a great deal of fun, a snowmobile can be incredibly dangerous if not taken seriously.  Sometimes an enjoyable and carefree afternoon of snowmobiling can take a turn for the worse and turn into a serious tragedy if safety rules are not followed.


What causes Snowmobiling Accidents?

Snowmobile accidents have many causes. However, they can be narrowed down to three major triggers: speed, alcohol, and lack of visibility. Many snowmobilers feel invincible on a sled. They see a freshly groomed trail in front of them and no one in sight and think they can hit the throttle with no consequences. Consumption of alcohol can often lead a snowmobile rider to increase their speed. With many snowmobilers stopping for drinks in between trails, it can be easy to have one too many. Also, alcohol can dangerously alter your vision and mental capacity while driving. Add low visibility through woods or at night, and it makes for a potentially fatal combination while snowmobiling.


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Common types of Snowmobile Accidents:

Driving while under the influence of alcohol

You know not to drink and drive, the same goes for snowmobiles. Alcohol is a major contributing factor to serious snowmobile accidents, especially during night riding, as it can impair your vision, reflexes, abilities and judgment, thereby making you more vulnerable to an accident and injuries since you are exposed to outside elements.


Most snowmobile operators are content riding at a reasonable speed so they can enjoy the scenery and being outdoors. However, others seek the thrill of driving at high speeds. Riding at high speeds is one of the leading causes of fatal snowmobile accidents for both the operator, their passengers, and innocent bystanders. Yes, there are speed limits on snowmobile trails, and they are not just there for suggestions. Be sure to be cautious and slow down.

Being unfamiliar with the terrain or your route

Before you take on the trails, be sure to map out where you intend on snowmobiling. This will help you from getting lost or having to ride through unfamiliar territory. It also helps to inform someone where you are going, and let them know your estimated time of arrival, just in case.


There are many types of snowmobiles and each are intended for certain uses, such as winter utility vehicles versus recreational vehicles. It is essential to use the appropriate snowmobile machine for the activity being engaged in, whether it is for trail riding, touring, performance, utility, crossover, mountain or for youths. If you are placing unreasonable demands greater than the capabilities for which the machine is designed, it can lead to a serious accident.

Allowing inexperienced operators to ride

Inexperienced or younger drivers that have not received proper safety training and instruction prior to operating a snowmobile are more likely to become involved in an accident. Snowmobiling requires the operation of heavy machinery, sometimes at fast rates of speed. If the snowmobile driver is too young or inexperienced, the chance of an accident is far greater for those who are unfamiliar with how to deal with emergencies, unexpected terrain, or other hazards.

Equipment Failure

Sometimes the snowmobile driver is not at fault for an accident, rather it is the manufacturer and can be the cause of faulty design or piece of equipment.

Failure to wear protective gear

It is so important to protect yourself and your passengers by wearing the proper safety gear. This can protect you against the elements and from injury in case of a crash. Therefore, helmets, gloves, goggles, and proper winter clothing, designed for riding, are essential for snowmobile operators and their passengers. In NYS, helmets are required for snowmobile operators and their passengers. One of the most common injuries on a snowmobile is traumatic brain injury, which can be caused by failure to protect your head by wearing a helmet.

Failing to observe state laws and local ordinances

All states have laws and rules regarding the operation of snowmobiles, and it is recommended that all snowmobile operators become familiar with state and local laws and complete a recognized snowmobile safety course.

Most Common Snowmobile Injuries

When it comes to accidents, some types of snowmobile injuries are more common than others. Head and neck injuries are some of the most serious fatal and non-fatal injuries from snowmobile accidents. It is especially dangerous because during the moments following the crash, it may not even look like the person is injured. Brain and spinal injuries often require extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation and costly medical bills.


The top types of Snowmobile injuries include:


  • Death
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Skull Fractures
  • Spinal Cord injuries and trauma
  • Broken bones
  • Back and knee injuries

Cost of Medical Treatment from Snowmobile Injuries

If you are injured in a snowmobile accident, the cost of your injuries can be shocking, especially if a person becomes permanently disabled in a snowmobile crash and requires long-term medical care. Head and spinal cord injuries, and broken bones require extensive physical therapy that can be costly as well. For some people, these injuries may make it difficult to perform their job; and, paralysis may make it nearly impossible for them to work. As a result, victims of snowmobile crashes are not only left with paying a high medical bill for their care, but also may no longer have income from work or medical benefits available through their employer.

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Riding a snowmobile can be exhilarating and fun, but accidents do happen. Sometimes, these accidents happen because of the carelessness, recklessness and negligence of a snowmobile and can lead to serious consequences and even death. As Utica snowmobile accident lawyers, we have extensive experience with snowmobile accidents in Central New York, Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi Pearlman, LLP is here for you or your loved ones if a snowmobile accident does occur. If you are involved in a snowmobile accident, let The People’s Lawyer help. We know how to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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