10 Ways Construction Employers Can Prevent Accidents

For a construction worker, there are four main causes of accidents on a site. Falls, being struck by an object, electrocutions, and caught in or between equipment or objects. According to OSHA, eliminating these “fatal four” would save 631 workers’ lives in the United States each year. Take a look at how to avoid these hazardous and additional threats to keep your construction workers safe.

1. Provide proper safety training for all employees. 

Construction jobs should always start with proper safety training. This should include everything from how to use a machine, to ladder etiquette, to how to react in the event of an accident. Workers should know how to use emergency switches on machines and how to complete their job the safest way possible.

2. Make the safety training consistent.

Safety training should not be a “one and done” ordeal. Construction companies should hold regular meetings to go over safety procedures and address and concerns on the site.

3. Follow these safety guidelines and OSHA regulations.

You cannot be all talk when it comes to safety. Utilize these rules and guidelines every day and encourage other workers to do the same.

4. Make a plan.

With every new project, come up with all of the potential risks and ways to prevent them. This will help keep the safety guidelines fresh to workers.

5. Maintain the equipment.

No equipment should be in use if it is malfunctioning, too old to use, or any sort of danger to the contractor using it. Keep up with routine checks of the equipment to ensure they are good to operate.

6. Keep the workplace clean.

If you see something out of place, pick it up. No matter how large or how small, taking a few seconds to clean up after yourself can actually save a life.

7. Wear protective clothing and gear. 

The gear was not created to hang in your locker. Always wear protective clothing and gear, including helmets, to prevent injuries to yourself and others.

8. Take regular breaks.

Ensure your workers take the necessary breaks needed to keep them alert and focused.

9. Report every injury and accident, including “close calls.” 

No matter how big or small, everything should be reported to management in order to conduct a proper investigation on how to prevent the same incident from occurring, including near-miss accidents.

10. Seek medical attention for your injuries.

That “minor bruise” could prevent you from performing your job as safely as possible. Get your injuries checked out to prevent anything from getting worse or affecting your work.


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