An estimated 3,000 individuals are diagnosed with mesothelioma each year in the United States. In that same time frame, an average of 2,500 deaths related to mesothelioma cancer occur in the U.S. There are over 31,000 fatalities in the U.S. from 1999 to 2010 due to mesothelioma. This type of cancer is killing approximately 14 out of every 1 million individuals in the United States… but could it have been prevented?


What Is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer that can develop in the abdomen, lungs, or heart. It is an aggressive disease caused by asbestos exposure with no known cure. Mesothelioma cancer has a very poor prognosis since symptoms can take anywhere from 20 to 50 years to emerge, making a diagnosis difficult until the later stages of the cancer.


How Do You Get Mesothelioma?

Exposure to asbestos is the only proven cause of mesothelioma.  This mineral is commonly found in insulation and other fire retardant materials. Occupational exposure is the most frequent type of asbestos exposure. Electricians, firefighters, or shipyard workers are among the many workers in danger of inhaling asbestos. However, victims may also be exposed to the poisonous substance at home. Asbestos on a person’s clothing can be transferred to others who do not directly work with the mineral.


The Link Between Asbestos Exposure and Mesothelioma

Since asbestos exposure is the solo proven cause for mesothelioma cancer, there is a direct link between the mineral and the disease. In the UK, a woman by the name of Kelly Wickens understands this firsthand as she lost both her grandfather and her mother to the cancer. Her grandfather worked in the local shipyard and suffered from asbestos exposure on the job and was later diagnosed with mesothelioma. When he came home, his overalls would be covered in the toxic material, giving his own daughter exposure which ultimately sealed her fate of being diagnosed with mesothelioma as well. Asbestos exposure directly caused their mesothelioma and later death.


Mesothelioma Symptoms

It is nearly impossible to recognize symptoms of mesothelioma early on. However, when the signs of the disease begin to appear, common mesothelioma symptoms include:

• Dry cough or wheezing

• Shortness of breath

• Respiratory problems

• Fluid around the lungs

• Pain in the chest or abdomen

• Fever

• Fatigue

• Muscle weakness


What to Do If You Were Diagnosed with Mesothelioma from Asbestos Exposure

Immediately following a diagnosis as serious as mesothelioma cancer, remember it is okay to feel upset. Coping with an aggressive disease is never easy and should be handled however you, as an individual, see fit. After some time to accept your diagnosis, you may wish to dive further into the cause of your cancer. Determine if your occupation exposed you to the mineral or perhaps it was the insulation on your older home. After some thought, you may wish to consult a personal injury lawyer to pursue a mesothelioma lawsuit.


If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with mesothelioma as a result of asbestos exposure, The People’s Lawyer is here to help. We are experienced personal injury attorneys helping members of the community who have been harmed as a result of someone else’s negligence obtain the compensation they rightfully deserve. Contact  Brindisi, Murad, Brindisi & Pearlman for a free asbestos lawsuit consultation today.



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