John wanted to squeeze a quick run in after work. He changed into a bright t-shirt, making it easier for him to be seen and took off down his street, running against traffic. A woman was late for an appointment and turned down his street. She ignored the speed limit sign, going as fast as she could. She reached for her phone to alert her friend she would be late and took her eyes off the road for just a moment. Then, what began as a quick workout turned fatal in an instant. John became a victim of a pedestrian accident.

John did everything right when it came to running safety, even changing into bright clothing so he could be better seen. Yet, he was still hit by a car. Drivers are also responsible for helping to prevent getting into a road accident with a jogger and not to drive distracted.

How Drivers Can Prevent a Pedestrian Accident:

1. Always pay close attention to the road and your surroundings while behind the wheel.

Distracted driving like texting or talking on the phone can be fatal for a pedestrian.


2. If you spot a person running on the road, keep a constant eye on them as you approach them.


3. Always slow down as you pass them.

Even if they are on the far side of the road, traveling at a fast speed near a pedestrian is always dangerous.


4. Yield to pedestrians using crosswalks and look both ways before moving through an intersection, just in case.


5. Be on high alert during the morning hours between 6:30am-8:00am and afternoon between 2:30pm-4:00pm, as students are getting on and off the school bus and walking home during those time frames.



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How Runners Can Prevent a Pedestrian Accident: Rules of the Road to follow for Running Safely:

As a runner, inform yourself on these few important tips for staying safe while running outdoors. Check out our top ten tips for running safety.


1. Be visible!

Wear bright and reflective clothing when running near or on the road, especially at night.


2. If you can, run during daylight hours.

Jogging and running at night is very risky and ideally should be avoided if possible.


3. Use the sidewalks.

Sidewalks are your friend! When available and safe, use them to keep yourself off the road.


4. If you use the road, run on the far left, facing oncoming traffic.

This way you can see when a car is coming and make eye contact with the driver so they can see you.


5. Be able to listen to your surroundings.

We know you have the urge to turn up the music to motivate your run, but not being able to listen to your environment can be very dangerous. Be able to listen for rumbling engines, car horns, barking dogs, and other potential hazards.


6. Always look both ways before crossing intersections.

Whether you have the green light or not, always look both ways before crossing a street. Be on constant alert if a vehicle later turned a corner or left a driveway as you cross both lanes.


7. Familiarize yourself with your route.

Know where you’re going before you go for a run.


8. Run with friends!

Group workouts are super motivating! Bring a group with you when you run so you all can be better seen.


9. Leave most of your belongings at home.

There is no need to wear a diamond necklace while running. Limit your items to a little bit of cash, your phone, identification, and your keys and that’s it.


10. Remember when it comes to a battle between a runner and a vehicle, the vehicle always wins.

You are not protected and always must remember that contact with a vehicle can be fatal. Remain alert around traffic and do not take risks when it comes to your safety.

What You Should Do If You’re a Victim of a Pedestrian Accident

If you are a victim in a pedestrian-car accident, seek medical attention immediately. Contact the police and alert them of the accident. Ensure that a police accident report is filed. If possible, gather photos and evidence at the scene of the accident and record where you were running or walking, the time of the accident, the weather, and any other information that could prove to be helpful. Once you have been treated for your injuries, call a personal injury attorney to schedule a consultation and learn more about a pedestrian accident lawsuit. Your attorney will be able to help you in the next steps towards seeking the compensation you rightfully deserve.


If you or a loved one has suffered from an injury after a pedestrian accident, you need The People’s Lawyer on your side. Brindisi, Murad and Brindisi Pearlman are experienced personal injury lawyers who can represent you in a runner accident lawsuit. To schedule a free consultation, contact our office today. We want to fight for you. Call us today.



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