Everywhere you drive right now, you pass through at least one section of road construction. Diligent individuals work tirelessly to make our roads safer for the community. Unfortunately, there are careless individuals who commit crimes such as speeding in a work zone and not paying attention to changing traffic patterns. This results in a car accident that can be deadly for construction workers. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, a construction zone crash occurred every 5.4 minutes in 2015. Every day, 70 work zone crashes resulted in at least one injury. Every week, there were 12 work zone accidents that resulted in at least one death. As drivers, we must be vigilant in preventing these devastating statistics. As a construction worker, you are risking your life every day to make our community safer.

Why Construction Zone Accidents Are Not Uncommon

Sadly, as long as there are careless drivers or negligent construction companies, work zone accidents will remain common. Construction workers are completely vulnerable, working unprotected alongside fast cars zooming down the highway. One wrong move, an accidental fall, or a distracted driver can mean a life-threatening injury for a construction worker.

What Defines a Road Construction Zone in New York?

Under NYS VTL 1180(f), a “work zone” is an area on a roadway that is used or being occupied for road construction in which workers, equipment, vehicles, materials, supplies, excavations, or other obstructions may be present. A work zone may also be known as a “work area” or “construction zone.” In order to promote work zone safety, these areas are often occupied by road work signs and bright orange traffic cones. It is important to note that even if there are no workers present, the area is still considered a work zone. Therefore, rules still apply at all times of the day and you may still be ticketed for speeding in a work zone even when there is no work being performed and there are no workers in sight.

How You Can Prevent Being in a Road Construction Zone Car Accident

Drivers must remain vigilant around work zones to help keep construction workers safe. You can never be too careful while approaching a construction project. In a previous blog, we gave you five easy work zone safety tips that you can do as a driver to prevent an accident in a road construction zone. These are five simple tasks you can implement today to ensure hardworking New Yorkers are protected.


Type Of Personal Injury Case

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Who Can Be Held Responsible for Your Injuries

Responsibility for work zone crash injuries can get complicated. If you are a construction worker injured by a careless driver who is texting or not following road construction signs, they may be held liable for your injuries. A construction worker injured while performing their job is eligible for workers’ compensation to help pay medical bills and lost wages; however, they are also entitled to seek pain and suffering and other economic losses from the negligent driver’s insurance company. It is a good idea to consult a personal injury attorney to walk you through the process.


As a non-worker, you are at risk of a construction zone accident as well. If there were not proper warnings such as a ‘Road Work Ahead’ sign, if a worker was not properly directing traffic, or if tools were left in traffic lanes, the construction company can be held liable for your injuries and losses.


Determining liability in a road construction accident is complex, which is why consulting a professional is essential to receive the compensation you deserve. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is advantageous and they can help navigate you through a work zone lawsuit and prevent the large insurance companies from taking advantage of you.



If you’ve been a victim of a work zone auto accident, you need an experienced personal injury attorney fighting for you. Road construction lawsuits can get messy, but Brindisi, Murad and Brindisi Pearlman have been fighting for victims in the Central New York community for over 60 years. We have the knowledge and passion to stand up to the insurance companies and get you the compensation you rightfully deserve. Contact our office for an initial consultation completely free of charge.



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