After a lengthy season, winter is finally gone and spring is here in Central New York! Not only will there be more vehicles on the road enjoying a nice drive and traveling on vacations, but the spring also means it is time to bring out that motorcycle! There is a large motorcycle rider presence here in Utica, as there are many local places great for riding. There is no feeling like riding on two wheels on the open road, but safety is a valid concern for riders.


5 Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries


Head Injury – The most fatal of motorcycle injuries is an injury involving the head. This may range from a concussion to a Traumatic Brain Injury. Neck injuries could also fall under this category, as they are also common to motorcycle crashes. A neck injury may cause paralysis in victims. This is why wearing a helmet is of upmost importance when riding a motorcycle. Your head houses your brain and it can be very fragile, especially when in contact with a steel vehicle or pavement. No matter how short or long of a ride, always wear a helmet.


Leg Injury – Motorcycle injuries involving the legs, knees, and feet are also common. A leg injury may not be fatal, but it still could cause permanent, life-altering damage. Damage to lower extremities include fractured or shattered bones in the legs, knees, or feet; or cuts, scrapes, and bruises if the rider’s legs and feet are exposed. Riders who suffer from leg injuries are often left immobile and must undergo strenuous physical therapy in an attempt to regain strength and range of motion. Wearing proper clothing, knee pads, and riding boots will help prevent leg injuries in a motorcycle collision.


Biker’s Arm – In a car accident, drivers and passengers are protected by the steel structure surrounding them in the vehicle. A motorcyclist does not have the luxury, and may sometimes be thrown off their bike. As human instinct, they may put their arms out in front of them to brace for the impact. The damage to the arm and body as a result is known as “biker’s arm.” When the rider’s arm is landed on impact, they may suffer permanent nerve damage in the arm and the upper body. A sturdy jacket and elbow pads can help prevent serious injury.


Road Rash – Road rash is exactly like it sounds. It is the result of a rider sliding across the pavement during a motorcycle accident. The concrete rubbing against exposed skin causes severe cuts, scrapes, and bruising, but may also lead to permanent damage including skin infections and irritations and possibly nerve damage. Even if you think it is a minor rash, road rash should be treated by a medical professional in order to ensure your health. Preventing road rash is as easy as throwing on a thick, leather jacket. The friction against the concrete could cut through thin clothing, but a proper jacket, chaps, and gloves can prevent this contact.


Muscle Damage – Muscle damage is another common injury in a motorcycle crash. Muscle damage sustained in an accident could become permanent. This may include never fully regaining strength or range of motion, permanent disability, or even paralysis. Muscle damage often occurs as a result of road rash. Wearing the proper gear to avoid exposure in the event of a crash will help prevent damage to muscles. Muscle strain is a common injury for any type of accident, as you may attempt to use your body to protect yourself. While no one is prepared to get into an accident, simple stretches before getting on the motorcycle may help.


Types of Motorcycle Accidents That Cause These Injuries


What to Do If Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

If you have been involved in an accident involving a motorcycle, your safety as well as the safety of all victims involved should be the number one priority. If you can, get yourself to safety and then call 911 to alert authorities and request medical assistance. Once treated for your injuries, if you are well-enough, taking photos of the accident would be a proactive step to a potential lawsuit. The next step, before contacting your insurance company, would be consulting a personal injury attorney. They will be able to provide you with advice on how to move forward with a lawsuit as well as what to tell the insurance company to ensure you will not be taken advantage of. Your personal injury lawyer will be able to guide you through the motorcycle accident lawsuit and help you get compensation for any injuries sustained from the accident.




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