The U.S. Department of Transportation approximates that, on average, a driver will be involved in a motor vehicle accident about every 6 years and drivers will have a “near miss” of an accident at least once or twice per month. In 2014, over 4,500 people died in motorcycle accidents with 92,000 motorcyclists being injured, up 4.5% from 2013. On average in New York State, there are 165 deaths as a result of motorcyclist injuries from motorcycle accidents, some of which are fatal killing 0.9 of every 100,000 New Yorkers.

While a road accident may just seem like any other, a car accident and a motorcycle accident are drastically different. The most apparent variance is being surrounded by a steel cage in a car versus on a motorcycle, being vulnerable to the road, and all of the elements. Deaths in a motorcycle accident are 30 times higher than fatalities in cars.  Motorcyclists over the age of 40 are roughly 20 times more likely to be fatally hurt than drivers of cars the same age. As for younger motorcycle riders, those under the age of 40 are about 36 times more likely to be fatally wounded than those of the same age driving four-wheeled vehicles. 80 percent of the time, motorcycle accidents result in injury or death while car-related occurrences end in injury or death only 20 percent of the time. Without protection or airbags, motorcycle riders are in a great deal of more danger than those in cars.

Motorcycle accidents have a variety of causes from weather conditions to the carelessness of other motorists.


Here are 5 motorcycle safety tips to protect you from motorcycle accidents while operating on the open road:

1. Always Practice Safe Driving Habits.

Do not become distracted by the freedom of an open road. Taking corners is one of the most difficult tasks for motorcycle riders, as speed and angle can easily be miscalculated. Be sure to keep an eye on your surroundings and only do what you know you can do on the motorcycle.

2. Always Leave Sufficient Space.

Many motorists do not leave enough space between them and the vehicle in front of them. If a car were to stop suddenly, the injuries to a motorcycle rider would be a lot worse than in a fully protected car.

3. Always Make Sure You Can Be Seen.

Blindspot collisions are very common for motorcycle riders. It is important to always think they cannot see you. Better safe than sorry.

4. Never Engage In Splitting Lanes.

Riding a motorcycle in between lanes is extremely dangerous. Other vehicles will not know you are there and oftentimes will not leave enough space in between for you to ride through.

5. Never Engage In Speeding.

With the wind in your face and open air, it is easy to get caught up in the moment and increase your speed on a motorcycle. Speeding puts you at a much higher risk of a fatal motorcycle accident as you will have less reaction time and may not see obstacles in the road.


Motorcycle accidents do happen, but many can be prevented. It is extremely important to be visible to other drivers, practice safe driving habits, and always observe the speed limit.


The minutes immediately following the event of a motorcycle accident can be traumatizing. It is important to remain calm and consider the following steps:

First, Get yourself to safety.

If you are in the middle of the road, or near a smoking vehicle, it is vital to remove yourself, if you are physically able to do so, from the dangerous area.

Second, Check yourself and others for any injuries.

Call 911 immediately to ensure proper medical attention for any injured passengers

Third, Report the accident to law enforcement.

The police can then document the incident and redirect traffic if needed.

Fourth, Do NOT leave the scene.

You should remain at the scene long enough to obtain photos of the accident, insurance or contact information for those involved, as well as information about the vehicles themselves so you may report it to law enforcement upon arrival.

Lastly, Gather information from witnesses if they are willing to provide it.

Without pressuring them, some witnesses may be willing to make a statement to the police concerning the event. At a minimum, gather the names and contact information of witnesses so they may be contacted later.


If you were involved in a motorcycle accident yesterday and the shock has begun to wear off, it may be time to consider contacting an experienced motorcycle accident personal injury lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve and to pay for medical expenses and damages.


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